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Kenho Mitsuo - 謙豊 三男 (born February 10, 1989) is a Japanese professional sumo wrestler from Osaki, Miyagi. He made his debut in May 2011 and currently wrestles for Tokitsukaze Stable. His highest rank as of 2024 is makushita 59.

Early Life[]

Goto was born on February 10, 1989, in Osaki, Miyagi. He attended Tokyo University of Agriculture where he was a member of the school's sumo club. After graduating, he joined Tokitsukaze stable as it is affiliated with his university.


He made his professional debut in May 2011 and was given the shikona "Kenho" (謙豊). He had a consistent start, posting three consecutive winning records and was promoted to sandanme by January 2012. In his sandanme debut, Kenho finished with a perfect 7-0 record, but missed out on the yusho after losing to Kotokawazu in the playoff. Nevertheless, he was promoted directly to makushita for the following March 2012 tournament. Kenho had reached makushita for less than a year since his debut, however, he finished with a poor 1-6 record and was demoted back down to sandanme. This proved to be his only tournament in makushita.

From 2010-2014, Kenho mainly wrestled in the sandanme division. After that, he bounced back and forth between sandanme and jonidan for the following three years. He missed three consecutive tournaments in 2017 due to a serious injury and this resulted in him falling back down to maezumo (pre-sumo). He returned to sumo in March 2018 and has since spent the majority of his later career in the second lowest jonidan division.

Personal Life[]

  • Peaking at 250 kg (550 Ib), Kenho is the fifth heaviest sumo wrestler of all time as of 2023.

Fighting Style[]

Kenho's Fighting Style 2

Kenho defeats Wakahizen by oshidashi (push out)

Kenho is proficient in both yotsu-sumo (grappling) and oshi-sumo (pushing and thrusting) techniques. His favored grip on his opponent's mawashi is migi-yotsu, a left hand outside, right hand inside position. His most often used winning kimarite is oshidashi (push out), followed by yorikiri (force out) and kimedashi (arm barring force out).


Division Results[]

  • Total: 226-219-87/438 (78 basho)
  • Makushita: 1-6/7 (1 basho)
  • Sandanme: 61-69-17/129 (21 basho)
  • Jonidan: 143-130-63/267 (48 basho)
  • Jonokuchi: 21-14-7/35 (6 basho)

Shikona History[]

  • Kenho Mitsuo (2011.05 - )


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