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Modern sumo wrestlers in top division ring entrance ceremony, wearing kesho-mawashi.

Wrestlers in the two upper divisions, makuuchi and juryo, are allowed to wear a second ceremonial kesho-mawashi during their ring entering ceremony. The silk 'belt' opens out at one end into a large apron which is usually heavily embroidered and with thick tassels at the bottom. The keshō-mawashi may advertise the produce of a sponsor of the rikishi (for example Bulgarian ozeki Kotooshu was sponsored by a Japanese brand of yogurt, "Bulgaria", which was prominently displayed on the front of his keshō-mawashi) or be a gift from one of the rikishi's support groups. Alternatively, some foreign-born rikishi (such as Czech-born Takanoyama) bear their national flag on their kesho-mawashi. Popular rikishi may be given many of these keshō-mawashi.

Yokozuna have matching sets of three keshō-mawashi, with two being worn by his wrestler assistants (his tachimochi and tsuyuharai) during his ring entrance ceremony.

In the Edo period the kesho-mawashi also served as the wrestler's fighting mawashi. However, as the aprons become more ornate, eventually the two functions were split apart. In this period wrestlers were normally sponsored by feudal daimyo or overlords, whose clan crest would therefore appear on the kesho-mawashi.

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